Unique Wedding Ideas and Fancy Favors For Weddings

Planning a wedding is easy when couples know exactly what they want. It all boils down to how much of their personalities and styles do the bride and groom want to showcase in their wedding. Individuals often have traits and style that are characteristically and uniquely their own and a wedding should be able to reflect the union of two personalities.

Since everyone is unique and has their own sense of style, unique wedding ideas are not so hard to come by. Getting to know the bride and groom is the key to crafting these so-called unique wedding ideas. For starters, it is important to know if the engaged couples share the same tastes. Are they both contemporary or are they country? If they have distinctive tastes, finding a way to merge their styles into a theme that encompasses these differences is essential to the success of a wedding.

Most couples go for weddings with themes nowadays. Be it beach-, wine- or summer-themed weddings, a theme is the easiest route to take when planning because it allows every other element like the gowns, the decorations, and the favors for wedding to complement each other. Additionally, themes give room for unique wedding ideas to flourish and create a deeper impression than weddings without them.

Once a theme is picked, choosing wedding supplies should be a breeze. Incorporate the follow unique wedding ideas and you are surely going to wow guests.

Personalize your table runners and aisle runners with a monogram that may serve as signature stamp for the rest of your decors and even favors for weddings. Add your first names, in addition the wedding date, to the runners to give your guests a more intimate feel for the celebration.

In the welcome area, add a personalized signature frame with a photo of the bride and groom within a photo mat. Guests can leave messages with a marker on the photo mat. For contemporary weddings, opt for a frame with a metal mat and have guests leave messages through an engraving pen for a sophisticated finish. For classical, romantic themes, a personalized signature platter is a fresh take on this wedding tradition.

Be showered with fresh or freeze-dried petals when you walk down the aisle. Just before the ceremony, hand over metallic paper petal cones, personalized with a custom message and filled to the brim with petals of your choice, to guests and wow them with the ingenuity of this simple yet exquisite attention to detail. Add color to traditional table decoration with silk flower petals, customized with the newlyweds’ names and wedding date. Spread them on the table along with fresh petals. Personalized fall leaves instead of silk petals will be an excellent fit for autumn-themed weddings. A personalized lollipop towel as decor and favors for wedding will be a fresh take for casual or summer weddings.

Place card holders like luggage tags for destination weddings and snowflakes for holiday weddings serve as both decor and favors for wedding. Personalized round or square coasters or photo-framed ones are fancy keepsakes your guests will surely enjoy on top of serving as stylish additions to your reception tables. Asian-themed weddings can have a contemporary touch when pieces like frosted Chinese takeout box serve as candle holders. Another way to incorporate the east to a wedding is to use lucky bamboo place card holders, double happiness cake toppers and providing fortune cookies as centerpieces.

For a romantic and elegant theme, delight guests by slipping wine cork candles on the mouths of wine bottles, handing mini champagne bottles filled with bubbles as wedding favors. For, garden-themed weddings, a miniature favor pail filled with treats should do the trick.