Decorate Your Own Unity Candle For Wedding Ceremony Celebrations

The first thing on every bride’s list of things to get done is the wedding dress. Everything else that needs to be done falls second to that. However, chances are that even though everything else is second, every bride has some sort of an idea about what she wants her wedding to end up like. Whether you are a bride who wants to feel like a princess, or a bohemian bride – you’ve certainly got your own style and you want your wedding to reflect that.

The hard part about having your own style is that you might not ever be able to find the things that you want for your wedding. Unless you’re willing to give up your dreams, you’ll have to embellish your decorations to reflect your individuality. One item that you might need to decorate on your own is the unity candle for wedding ceremony celebrations. While you can certainly find a huge number of options online, you may not be able to find the exact thing that you are looking for.

Having to decorate your own unity candle might be overwhelming and incredibly time consuming if you don’t know how to go about it. The best thing to do if you don’t want to spend countless hours making your own candle is to find the very closest thing to exactly what you are looking for. There are unity candles online that are completely customizable. You can add scripture, a poem, a photograph, your names, or even just your initials to your candle. Let somebody else do that part for you! It is easy to request exactly what you want in the color that you want so that you are left with the time to plan the rest of your wedding.

Once you have received your prepped candle, you’re ready to decorate it to look exactly the way that you want to, to express your personal taste and style. A bohemian bride might like to make a candle holder out of burlap and lace. The frilly princess bride might like to decorate the entire candle with gems or flowers. Whatever your taste, your candle can easily be transformed to fit perfectly in your wedding.

The same idea can be applied to any part of your wedding, not just the unity candle for wedding ceremonies. You don’t have to consume your time making things from scratch – go ahead and let somebody do the basis of the work for you, and you just add embellishments to make things your own.